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Minerva Flavours and Fragrance is a Green Chemistry Technology company, manufactures its Superior quality products with Solutex – Spain, company’s Supercritical Technology. This technology uses CO2 in supercritical condition as solving agent. This is a GRAS compound (Generally Recognized as Safe) comprised in the concept of Green Chemistry (therefore not polluting) that provides the highest purity to our products.

Using this superior technology, Minerva Flavours and Fragrance manufactures its products free from pesticide, fungicide and heavy metal without any trace of solvent residues. This is due to the total separation of the CO2 and the product during the deterpenation process.

Our technology is very sensitive and little variations in the supercritical fluid temperature and pressure cause large variations in its density increasing its solvating power. We have state of the art automatic instrumentation control system to monitor and control to the finest level.

Carbon dioxide achieves its supercritical condition at a temperature over 31.1ºC and a pressure over 73.8 bar which allows to work at moderate conditions. Therefore there is absolutely no molecular loss, degradation or adulteration of the compounds and the high quality of our products is preserved.

The high quality of Minerva products also relies on the expertise and continuous Research and Development efforts of Technology provider Solutex’s professionals. Our international quality system assures the complete traceability of our products from their origin to their final destination.